Who else wants to discover the key to success – in business, relationships, your personal life? Here is your ten-step key to success along with success stories and motivational quotes from real people living real lives, just like you.

“At Last! How To Become Successful:

Success Stories From Real Life”

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Just ten steps to grabbing hold of your life and making your own success stories

Discover just how easy it is to be successful when you learn the ten simple steps to taking charge. You CAN do it all and have it all when you uncover the strategies and techniques contained within the unique new book “How Do I Become Successful?”

“Hi Angela,

The very first day I downloaded How Do I Become Successful? I printed it out and realized I had found a treasure. Before I started reading “How Do I Become Successful?” I was lost, I was struggling, I was going round in circles, I was wasting time…

Despite spending a fortune with business development coaches, therapists and yoga breaks, I wasn’t getting anywhere. I read your book and my life is transformed. Thanks to you everything is thriving. I don’t know what I would do without “How Do I Become Successful?”.

Thanks, Angela”

Gloria Kunar, Noosa, Queensland, Australia


From Angela Wright MBE

Wife, Mother, businesswoman, entrepreneur

Dear Friend

The Magic Is In The Knowledge

If you’re shocked at how difficult life can be and confused by so many conflicting opinions, so many options and choices, this could be the most important letter you’ve read all year.

Here’s why…

I’ve finally released this new e-book called “How Do I Become Successful?” and it contains the ten essential steps to discovering your own personal success. The individual stories of success in “How Do I Become Successful?” give you a complete blueprint to living your life and how to be happy.

These stories don’t “preach” to you.


They combine the actual solutions I use to achieve and live my millionaire lifestyle, including practical tips, how-to information and quotes about life with words of wisdom, hard won in half a century of living life to the full.

Maybe I should first introduce myself and let you in on how this new book came about…

My name is Angela Wright and I’m a wife, Mother, friend, businesswoman, entrepreneur and traveller. Like you, in the past I’ve struggled, tried and failed too many times to count in my search for the key to success.

It’s not your fault that you’ve found it so hard till now. Life’s complicated. “We are all condemned to the freedom of choice”, to quote from Funky Business. You know that “if wishes were horses, beggars would ride”. Wishing and thinking aren’t enough. Yet you also know that the power of positive thinking does work when coupled with action.

The trouble is…which actions should you be taking? How can you possibly find the time to do all the things you’re supposed to? How come some people seem far more successful than you do? How can you face your friends and family when, time and time again, you don’t have your own success story, you aren’t achieving what you said you would? You know that it’s possible to have a very successful marriage but you don’t know how to become rich in either your professional or your personal life.

I realized decades ago that I had to take a stand and make sure that my family and I could live the life we most wanted. I vowed to find out all I could from the most successful people I knew, to learn just how they did it, how to become successful and unlock their stories of success.

The trouble was, I had to wade through such a lot of rubbish to find the treasure. You see, I uncovered a lot of mis-truths spoken about how to cope with life, how to find extra time, how to get things done. Even some of the most famous people in the world, some of the most inspiring women, did not have wholesome life lessons.

So my search kept hitting a brick wall…ending up in so many dead ends.

I was getting frustrated, annoyed at the inaccuracy of so much of what’s said. So many so-called motivational quotes and inspirational messages didn’t apply to the real world. But as time went on and my search became more and more intense, luck came my way.

A Chance Meeting With A Much Older, Highly Successful and Famous Wife, Mother, Businesswoman and Entrepreneur, Friend of Royalty, The Rich And Famous, Set Me On The Right Path In My Wonderful Journey

I promised not to reveal her real name (she and her family are famous and don’t want more attention) but I can tell you that she had the most remarkable effect on me and my family.

The day I met her, she’d invited me to lunch to discuss a business issue which affected both of us. I was beginning to become successful in my industry but at the expense of everything else – I was working double shifts, seven days a week, missing out on my husband, my children, my friends, neglecting my home and my health. She gently asked the right questions, in such a way that the answers presented themselves to me. That was the start of a magical mentoring experience, one of many. You see, from that experience I realized what a difference a mentor can make. I recognized one of the mentors from my childhood, with whom I’m still in touch; we talk often and I visit her every time I fly in and out of London. In all, I have six mentors now; funnily enough three are women, three are men. Some are younger than me, most are older.

If you’re sick of other people making it look easy, don’t give up, don’t get jealous – get even! It doesn’t get any easier than these ten steps, culled from decades of struggle culminating in success across all areas, whether relationships – marriage, children, family, friends, community, colleagues – business, personal health, socially and spiritually.

The effects on myself and my family from being exposed to my magical mentors is nothing short of miraculous.

Here’s just a sample of what’s inside “How Do I Become Successful?”

  • Real-life Motivational Quotes and Stories
  • Inspirational Messages and Short Inspiring Stories
  • Essential Information About Consequences, Acceptance and Trust
  • Learning to Relax and Take It Easy
  • Your Purpose And Taking Action
  • Love and Partnerships
  • Practical, “how-to” Stories of Success

Just Imagine Being Able To:

  • Finally be ready to both give and receive what’s most important to you
  • Discover how to build relationships, love and trust
  • Work on what you want, when you want
  • Stop feeling guilty at your constant trade-offs between work and family success
  • Know what you want and when you want it

…And that’s just for starters!

You’ve been searching for how to be successful – finally, here’s your answer

And Not Only That, But:

  • If you want to retire young and wealthy, this is the book for you
  • Practical knowledge and tactics to take on your world and win
  • Thousands of people just like you are already successful with these methods – what are you waiting for?
  • I guarantee that you’ll be more successful within 90 days just by following these free, simple steps

“How Do I Become Successful?” Belongs In The Home Of Every Successful Family

As you can see, “How Do I Become Successful?” contains information guaranteed to nurture and inspire you.

From practical advice on creating the missing minutes you need to complete the most important tasks, to finding out how to discover which are the top priorities for you; tactics and techniques for taking charge of your personal diet, wardrobe and well-being though to how to find your focus and complete the essential tasks which are the stepping stones to your success in your career or business. From figuring out your best family time to stilling the chatter of your mind…

And what’s really exciting is that you can be reading this e-book in minutes. It comes in a convenient PDF file that downloads straight to your computer. (Works on mobiles, tablets, PCs and Macs too!) So within minutes you can be discovering how to make the most of your life – how to be ready for success – how to write your own story of success.

  • So forget about hunting around bookshops or online trying to find the answers you need

  • Forget about the TV and getting lost in YouTube, Facebook or any other social media

  • And forget about worrying about your future…

Forget about all that.

Because for just $8.97 AUD, you can get your very own copy of “How Do I Become Successful?” and be on your way to building lasting, loving relationships with your family and friends to last a lifetime. Even more importantly, you’ll be right on track to discovering how you can be successful, personally and financially.

People will be asking you for your words of wisdom, for your inspirational quotes about life, because at last you’ll have the key to success.

And it’s so easy. Simply click the link below and get taken to our secure ordering page. Just follow the directions and within minutes you can be taking advantage of all the uplifting content in this book.

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You could spend way more than that on just one book at your local bookshop. Instead you’re getting all ten steps; everything you need to become successful.

I fully believe that you will love the stories, summaries, inspirational quotes and life lessons in this book and immediately put some of this ten-step strategy to work for you. In fact, I’m guaranteeing it.

Yes, I guarantee that you will love “How Do I Become Successful?” or you will get every cent of your money back. You be the judge.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

So, look, I can’t be any fairer than that. If you don’t like it, just let me know and you get a full refund…PLUS you get to keep the e-book as well.

If you’re used to buying books, you’ll know that just one good book can cost easily cost you $15-$50 or more. But I’m not greedy and I don’t need to be in this for the money.

I really want you to experience the connection with your family, friends – and yourself – that these ten steps can create. To feel the true joy that this strategy brings to your life. So that’s why I’m offering you the whole set of ten steps for just $8.97 AUD. And just think, at even $15 a step that works out to be over $150 worth of solutions for just $8.97 AUD!

But don’t wait too long.

The special price of just $8.97 AUD is for a limited time. I’m new to this selling game and a bit “wet-behind-the-ears.” I’ve been told I’m just crazy to let this e-book go for just $8.97 AUD.

So when and if I come to my senses, I’ll be raising the price, probably to $15.00…maybe even more. I sure know it’s worth that much. So the price could rise anytime. Avoid disappointment. Lock in the low Special Introductory Price now.

 (All you need is a credit card, no special internet accounts or anything like that. And it’s totally secure. Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access to your sensitive information.)


Just imagine, within minutes you can begin a wonderful journey, finally discovering how to be successful. Your partner, family, friends and colleagues will want to find out what’s different about you.

The most exciting thing is, you’ll want to learn from these stories and techniques. They’ll stimulate your mind, spurring questions, arousing your curiosity…propelling you forward armed with the knowledge and tactics to deliver your lifetime of success.

So what are you waiting for? Surely $8.97 AUD isn’t too much to invest in your – and your family’s – future well-being?

Do yourself a favour. Give yourself the best new start you can. Download “How Do I Become Successful?” right now and begin your journey.

Wishing you every success,

Angela Wright



Angela Wright MBE

Wife, Mother, Author, Businesswoman, Entrepreneur, Traveller

PS Please remember your investment is fully guaranteed and if you’re not 100% thrilled with your purchase you’ll get a prompt and courteous refund.

So download “How Do I Become Successful?” right now and print it out. Take your time and go through every single step. Notice the change in yourself and those around you as you begin to learn and understand the core messages. You’ll find that you begin to anticipate each next step. Go through the whole book for 30 days and see for yourself the life-changing information contained within its pages.

And if, after 60 days, you are not completely satisfied, you can get every cent of your investment back. Plus, you can keep the book as well. I can’t be any fairer than that, can I? Grab your copy now.

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